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We all evolve, we evolve for good (mother Terresa), to Excel ( Steve jobs), for faith (Dalai lama) and we as RECOVER evolved to provide you best possible treatment options for your various health issues. We have become better but with same attitude, we became stronger but with subtility, we heal and recover but with all purity.

Since many years we are known for our motivation, perseverance, and honest working. We were providing cutting edge and most authentic management for your various pain's & injuries and now it's time for us to introduce treatment rather than only symptomatic relief for your pain and other health issues. Treatment that heals and recover your problem and relieve your pain. Whether its problem related to your Joint pain or back pain or be it a simple obesity or nutrition counselling, or if you are having issue with your physical activity and sports activity, we have a solution for all under one roof.

We now introduce treatment options to be most natural, naive and completely harmless. We will make you better and we promise we will keep our zeal intact to serve you better.
We welcome you all who need us because Cure is here.


Over the last few years we have developed the trust and confidence among our patients for their physiotherapy, regardless of their problem. we have catered few of the most complex pain syndromes successfully. Now we are ready to deliver same trust and expertise at your doorstep. Weather its simple physiotherapy for your postoperative care or its regular care for your loved ones who need our help for their daily strength, we are there to cover your requirements. We are pleased to introduce class IV LASER which is one of the most powerful and efficient modalities for tough pains. Class IV laser is one of very few US-FDA approved which has shown good level of evidence for musculoskeletal issues.

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Knee cap pain is one of the most common issue faced by current population and is majorly found amongst young & active age groups. Also known as Runner’s knee, the suffering individual experiences pain in front and side of the knee cap, which usually aggrevates while walking up/down the stairs and squatting or kneeling.

Reveleations from new studies show that exercise helps in changing the gene architecture and providing the necessary repair to the aging muscles. Studies have shown that even a single eccentric round of exercise increases the production of body stem cells.

Mensicus is a cushion in the knee between your thigh bone and your shin bone. There are two of them in each knee and can get damaged or torn during activities.

Osteoarthritis is aprogressive disease of the joints in which the cartilage which cushions the bones and absorbs the shock, wears down causing pain, stiffness and swelling around the knee joint.